Manufacturer Services

Serving the construction industry for over 50 years, and in Victoria, British Columbia for more than 33 years.

  1. Fabricates a full line of excavator, backhoe and loader buckets ranging in size from 1/2 cu. ft. to 15 cu. yd. All cutting edges are 400-450 BHN steel.  Bottoms and sides are 50,000 PSI steel.
  2. Allow for the tapering of equipment buckets along the sides for easy loading/unloading (increasing efficiency; increasing production).
  3. Provide a unique way of welding wear bars to give maximum protection to the bucket bottom. These wear bars are 425 BHN steel.  The sides have cheek plates of 425 BHN steel also.
  4. Manufacturers brush rakes, hydraulic thumbs, Road building packages, cab guards, and cat walks, steel recycle bins, jaw crushers, line boring, hammer tops.
  5. Offering Portable Welding Service to repair our Buckets or other welding repairs as needed.
  6. Marion Machine Inc can assist Construction/Heavy Equipment Operators with rebuilding/repairing
    • Dump boxes
    • Jaw crushers
    • Quick change manufacture and rebuilds
    • Relugging of buckets
    • Relining of buckets
    • Forming of all sorts, up to 225 tonnage.