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Metal Fabrication & Machine Shop

It’s a pleasure doing business with you. We look forward to complete jobs to your satisfaction.
Shahram Fazeli, CEO

Equipment and Facility

At Marion Machine, we specialize in the repair, rebuilding, and customization of heavy construction equipment attachments, including excavator digging buckets, clean-up buckets, thumbs, adapters, rippers, rakes, and various metal fabrications essential for your job site. Our expertise lies in tailoring solutions to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Our facility is equipped with several machines and equipment to create the perfect parts.  All your metal manufacturing needs including cutting, forming, rolling, shearing, notching, punching, welding, machining in one place. 

Our range of material processing machines lets us create any part we need with ease. We make sure to prepare all the necessary parts before fabrication.


What we do

Our customers come to us with unique and challenging needs. It’s our job to deliver the custom solutions that provide the customers incredible results. MM is your complete source for critical repairs, machining, fabrication and maintenance.

Marion Machine can provide the customers the following services:

  • Custom parts and repairs, machining, fabrication and maintenance for your project and provide a unique way of welding wear bars to give maximum protection to the bucket bottom.
  • Form, bend and roll metal plates.
  • Fabricate/relug/reline a full line of excavator, backhoe and loader buckets.
  • Repair drums, including new veins and tee work.
  • High quality truck and trailer liners.
  • Manufacture/ repair/ rebuild brush rakes, hydraulic thumbs, road building packages, cab guards and catwalks, recycle bins, jaw crushers, line bore, hammer tops, dump boxes and quick changes. 
  • Custom made items meeting the customer specific requirements.
  • Machining jobs are also available at our machine shop.
  • Offer portable service to repair buckets and attachments on the customers’ job sites.

Marion Machine Inc.

is a complete repair facility for all buckets, and any size of heavy equipment and attachments including brush rakes, grapples, mechanical and hydraulic thumbs, road building packages, cab guards and catwalks.


No matter how big or small

we are confident that the final result will be on time and of the highest quality. Our custom- fabricated solutions can be done to your budget and timeline. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service, quality and price that creates a great business relationship with you. thumbs, road building packages, cab guards and catwalks.


On the go

The company also has portable service available to repair buckets and equipment on the job site. Our fully equipped service truck complete with a welder, side tool boxes, torch and compressor can motor to your logging land or construction site to fix your backhoe and excavator or repair your loader and skid steer.


Manufacture & Repair

About Us

Who we are

With growing potential in the construction industry in Langford and Victoria,

Marion Machine Inc.

has grown over the years into a company known for its expertise and creativity in the metal industry. Our key asset is our dedicated specialist team that shares our vision and brings projects to life. The longevity of our business is due to hard honest craft and dedication to our clients’ requirements/desires.

Your project is our passion, and we work hard to demonstrate it. We are able to offer customers compatible quality solutions for all their sheet metal and fabrication needs. Our customer care team ensures that each customer is treated as an individual and is well supported throughout the order process. We encourage you to browse our website and our instagram page to get familiar with all ranges of our services.

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